Fort Hunt Organic Cleaners – 26 Years in the Community

Patty Ahn has been in the textile care and cleaning business her whole life. From her early days helping in her parents’ cleaning business to owning and managing Fort Hunt Organic Cleaners, Patty has worked with every aspect of the fabric care industry including specialty fabric care, fabric cleaning and alterations. She is delighted to bring healthy and safe cleaning techniques to her customers and has proudly served the Fort Hunt community since 1986.

Fort Hunt Organic Cleaners takes pride in superior customer satisfaction and a commitment to a healthier environment for our customers and community through the use of environmentally friendly cleaning technologies.

Our services include:

  • specialty cleaning
  • expert alterations and tailoring on-site
  • shirt service
  • pick up and delivery service
  • cleaning without that “dry cleaning smell”
  • hanger recycling

With our specialized knowledge of fabrics and fibers, we continue to give careful attention to each garment we clean. See our environmental information page for more information on the cleaning process we use.