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Environmentally Friendlier Cleaning With Your Health,
Your Cleaning Needs and Our Environment In Mind

Fort Hunt Organic Cleaners is the area’s only organic garment cleaner, and we want our customers to know how we support the environment. We use biocleaning (also called wet cleaning), a professional non-toxic method, to clean your clothes.

Unlike conventional dry cleaning, which uses dangerous chemical solvents, biocleaning technologies use specially designed machines, biodegradable detergents and water to gently clean clothes.

What is dry cleaning?

Despite its name, dry cleaning is not totally dry. It uses liquid solvents and small amounts of water and detergent. Perchloroethylene (“perc”) is usually the solvent used.

There are many health and environmental concerns with the use of perc and other dry-cleaning solvents; they are proven dangerous to human health and must be managed and disposed of as hazardous waste. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has found that clothes cleaned with perc can elevate levels of the toxin throughout homes, especially where garments are stored. For more information,visit the EPA perc site.

What is biocleaning?

Biocleaning uses a computer-controlled washer and dryer, just like dry cleaning. Water â?? rather than dangerous chemicals â?? is the solvent used with special soaps and conditioners. Because no toxic solvents are used, biocleaning eliminates health and safety risks for your family and community. Studies and exhaustive tests have shown that just about everything can be successfully biocleaned.

We care about our customers and our community.

We offer you a safe, effective method of cleaning, with careful detail to each garment. Please see links the below or visit us for more information on our methods.

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